How to refill Mostbet and withdraw in Uzbekistan

The multinational betting company Mostbet serves clients from dozens of nations. This online bookmaker serves Uzbek people. But many gamblers wonder if the company supports Uzbek payment methods. We shall discuss all deposit and withdrawal methods, along with rules and restrictions.


Mostbet entered the worldwide betting market in 2009. The bookmaker boasts a million regular customers after 10 years in business. Today, visitors from 93 countries make 800,000 daily sports bets.

Uzbek users register on Mostbet uz in several ways.

  • In one click;
  • Through social media profiles;
  • By mobile number with code +998;
  • By e-mail.

Be careful to identify your nationality when registering. In the future, the system automatically selects regional payment choices.

Mostbet has a significant bonus policy. The welcome bonus on the initial deposit is 125%. In Uzbekistan, the maximum award for new clients is 3,000,000 soums.

One cash account is issued for sports betting and casino gambling. Bonus balances are wagered separately.

How to replenish an account

Players from Uzbekistan put money on games using bank cards and cryptocurrency. But each strategy has differences. Let’s list.

Deposit using UzcardPay or VISA/MasterCard

These options require bank credit or deposit cards. The UzcardPay national system facilitates Uzcard and Humo online card use. To top it up:

  • Click the orange “Deposit” button on any page;
  • Pick UzcardPay in the list;
  • Enter the UZS amount you want to deposit to your BC account;
  • Enter card number;
  • Enter the Date of validity
  • Enter the phone number where the SMS code will be sent.

The money will be credited to your game account if you enter this code correctly.

The user experience is nearly identical when paying with a VISA or MasterCard. Only in the payment details, such as the CVV (the three-digit number on the rear) and the owner’s name, will you need to provide additional information. The plastic card itself should be used to indicate this.

These options require a minimum deposit of 10,000 UZS. No restriction on bets. The financial institutions that provided the cards set the restrictions on the use of the cards.

Blockchain wallets

Mostbet in Uzbekistan accepts these cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Dash;
  • Tether;
  • Zcash;
  • Dogecoin;
  • Ripple.

Here is the minimums float. Some start at 50,000 UZS, some at 200,000. Cryptocurrency exchange rates are highly volatile.

Each unit’s refill procedure is different. It all starts with the “Deposit” section and a wallet. The interface varies. When picking Tether or Dash, you must indicate the amount and number of your wallet. If you click on Bitcoin, a form with a QR code will open; you must go to the cryptocurrency account and designate the amount.

When using Ripple, you must use one of the exchanges to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Therefore, you must copy the BC account number in advance to enter it in the payment form on the specified site. No matter what method the client employs, the transfer will be immediate.

Withdrawal Methods

The BC Mostbet rule is that winnings can only be withdrawn in the same direction as the deposit. In that instance, the system estimates the proportion and amount of money available for each payment instrument.

The minimum withdrawal value for cards is 20,000 UZS; for cryptocurrency, it’s variable. Given that the details were entered when replenishing the balance, they are immediately submitted in the request form for wins. Try not to transfer to another card or crypto wallet.

What if the card is blocked or has expired? Contact the bookmaker’s technical support department to verify your account in such a case. Usually, the company meets the client halfway and immediately compensates them.

Rules And Restrictions 

It’s critical that you only use cards that belong to you to recharge your gaming account. The truth is that the input can be obtained without being checked out. You can still replenish the balance if you don’t fill out your personal information on the profile.

Mostbet is in charge of all monetary transactions with customers. Please get in touch with technical support if you have any troubles. Within a few minutes, you’ll get a reasonable answer and explanation.

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